The Roosevelt

Revisit the timeless in an authentic handmade masterpiece

This is where it all began. Modeled from early 1930s triple cockpit designs, the Roosevelt is the epitome of the luxury and style associated with runabout boating.


  • Surrounded by the warmth and beauty of mahogany, plush upholstery and gorgeous chromed hardware, boaters ride comfortably in cozy cockpits.
  • The 24' Roosevelt is the shallower boat, although it offers a stable, soft ride. Water is within easy reach over the freeboard, and it’s easy to pull up along shore.
  • The 27' Roosevelt has higher freeboard and can handle longer jaunts in open water, thanks to their heavier weight, slicing bow, modified “vee” hull, and tapering stern.
  • The clean, uncluttered dash is complemented by a banjo style steering wheel, and features the renowned etched instrument cluster reminiscent of Chris-Craft.
  • In fact, much of the hardware, including windshield stanchion, winged gas cap, and deck vents are still produced by the same foundry that made the original Chris-Craft hardware more than 80 years ago.

The Roosevelt embodies the spirit and grace of earlier era wooden boats that were aesthetic masterpieces of mahogany—from the elegant line of the flared bow to the tumblehome stern and authoritative rumble of the engines, it will beckon you to challenge the waves with confidence.

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Roosevelt boat image
Roosevelt boat image
Roosevelt boat image