The Winchester

The most luxurious handcrafted wooden water limousine

Step aboard our aesthetically pleasing water limousine and be prepared to enjoy some of life’s best moments. The Winchester is first-class luxury from bow to stern, with a design that easily adapts to ferrying passengers, entertaining guests, providing overnight or living accommodations, a floating office, or as a personal luxurious yacht.

Whether used by commercial operators offering stylish transportation reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, enjoyed by families for cruising in luxury, or simply being the most distinctive boat on the water, the handcrafted mahogany boat, the Winchester, never disappoints.


  • Customized conveniences such as galley, dinette, sleeping berths, and sitting accommodations make these wooden boats unique and comfortable.
  • The generous beam affords roominess while the broad hull assures a seaworthy ride.
  • Available in 32', 34', 36', and 40' hull designs.
  • Heating, air conditioning, head facilities, as well as entertainment and advanced navigation systems are among the many options.
  • Power needs ranging from economical to sizzling are met by a variety of gasoline or diesel engine options. Bow thrusters, trim tabs, and separate helm for chauffeured water limousines are all available.

The Winchester provides a luxurious boating experience like no other. These seaworthy vessels, built to US Coast Guard standards, can top 50 mph with twin engines. Agile on the open water, the Winchester maneuvers with adeptness and ease in close quarters and when docking. Seaworthy, inviting, and accommodating, the Winchester may be the Grandest Craft of all.

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