The Burnham

Own a classic wooden speedboat made modern

The Burnham features design elements originating on classic boats of the past. Our designer was inspired by the beauty of Great Lakes wooden boats, and our craftsmen made the vision a reality.


  • Standard power comes from an all-aluminum 430 horsepower V8 engine run through a V-drive transmission.
  • This powertrain is light enough to be placed in the rear of the craft, which leaves room in the dry and stable mid-section for a large U-shaped lounge area. This popular seating arrangement provides a cozy space for conversation or a comfortable sun lounge.
  • A bow thruster is also standard on this model, which makes the boat as maneuverable around the docks as it is on the open water.

Additional enhancements like handcrafted teak flooring and hand-stitched luxurious upholstery add to the experience of spending the day aboard your Grand Craft. Whether racing across the lake or cruising down any coast to your favorite anchorage, the Burnham will take you there in style.

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