Custom Boats

Think of these luxurious handcrafted boats as a blank canvas awaiting your brushstrokes

When you are seeking a way to express your individuality, we can help you raise it to an art form with a Grand Craft custom handcrafted mahogany boat.

Custom boats are known as a “one off,” a lofting in which there is only one boat made off the prints. Grand Craft has custom designed and built numerous boats for discriminating individuals from around the world.

Our design engineers and team of craftsmen, headed by President Patrick Gallagher, will work closely with you in designing your Grand Craft. It will be yours alone in design, appointments, and performance.

You will know exactly what your vision entails because Grand Craft utilizes CAD/CAE technology to create a visual 3D model of your boat. That vision is then transferred into the capable hands of our craftsmen.

With extensive galley, berth, and lounge areas, a modified hull and top line, and special performance attributes—your custom wooden boat will assuredly meet with little competition on the world’s waterway as there will not be any vessel quite like it.

No matter what you envision, you can rest assured that from the hull to the cup holders, every detail is ensured to be perfect.

Let’s connect to discuss your custom mahogany boat in greater detail.

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Custom Boats image
Custom Boats image